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We're Having A Sale

So today I thought I'd let you know that we are having a sale, the sale is to help create more room for all our new stock that's on it's way.

I'm really excited about the new stock, I've got some more types of masks coming, but unfortunately I've not been able to purchase any more of the I'm real range as they're being re-branded. So we only have the lemon and red wine mask in stock until we sell out or tonymoly release the newer version.

I've also ordered products from more brand's. Etude house, banila co, the saem being new one's and I've ordered different products from missha, tonymoly etc. Items such as lip scrubs, body lotions and a lot of items for the subscription box. (The price of which will be coming down soon😊 bare with me, I'm still waiting for the contents to arrive)

I'm also having a Skype meeting with a representative of a cosmetics business, who want to know if I'd be interested in selling their products in the U.K. depending on how it all goes, I maybe stocking their products too. Another company has e-mailed me with a similar request( I'm still researching these, which is why I haven't e-mailed them back yet) I'm still trying to figure out if it's just the products that are made in Korea or their entire business is based in Korea.

I'm now working on cute korean cosmetics full time so you'll be seeing a lot more of me, doing video's, more blog posts and in general upping the social media presence.

I'm also going to be doing Annabelle's challenge on Sunday. Hopefully I'll get a good video of the event, which I can share with you all, with a lot more information about the charity as well.

I'm hoping by the time I've woken up tomorrow, I'll have the great news that all of the products are on their way. I get a little impatient at time's, even though it's still within the timeframe for my wholesaler's getting all the products ready, I really, really, really want to get them now 😅 they still have another week or so to get it altogether. I think I get a rush from the parcels arriving as usually it means I can distract myself from the not so exciting parts of running a business i.e. paperwork 😐

I'll probably do another post on Sunday about the charity event, and let you know if the new stocks arrived.

Don't forget to check your favourite products to see how much they've been reduced by.

I'm going to check what's I can do whilst waiting to hear about the new stock.

Laura 😊

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