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The other day I'd gone to Tesco with my mum, and I tend to have a look through the beauty magazines for any new mentions about k-beauty. I can safely say this trip was a success. In the newest edition of cosmopolitan magazines there's an article about the beauty industry in South Korea, it explains about the cultural norm of having cute packaging and the product's still being excellent quality, the fact you can walk down the high-street and find somewhere to do minor plastics surgery such as Botox, or a nose job very easily ( they also have lots of dentists to on the high street for the perfect smile).

It's also a good read as it has a little section about the 12 step skincare routine they have, although I've always know it as the 10 step routine, I must admit you can do more steps one day and less the next depending on what your skin is needing.

If you do go to Korea definitely be wary of the yellow dust (mentioned briefly in the article) as not only can it play havoc with your skin it can be very bad for your health, but fear not there are plenty of air quality apps you can download that help you know if it's better to spend your time inside (i.e. museums, lotte world etc) or go full on, for an out doors adventure right in the middle of the city (the walk up to namsan tower through the woods is really nice, if you like that sort of thing).

If you want to know a lot more about K-Beauty, most of the popular magazines i.e. glamour, cosmopolitan, vogue have a lot of articles on their websites about what the latest trend is (glass skin is very popular at the moment), what are the popular well known brands, and which product's they are really enjoying at the moment.

I'm hoping myself to be able to post more content about the K-Beauty industry soon, but because I'm still doing a lot of work behind the scenes on the business I thought I'd share with you where you can find information on it, as a lot of people tend to trust these brand's of magazines due to their popularity world wide.

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