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About my time in South Korea

View from Namsang tower Seoul, ( I'll be writing another blog post about this at a later date)

So today I thought I'd share about my time in Korea. I first went to south Korea in September 2014 arriving two days before my birthday and spent two amazing years there. I spent most of my time on the island of Geoje near to the city of Busan, and I must say within a couple of days I'd had a big culture shock. I'd never been to an Asian country before (unless you count turkey, it's on both the European and Asian continent). I'd say this culture shock isn't something that will happen everywhere in south Korea, especially not in the cities although I may be wrong. But when it happened, (even to this day I still find it hard to believe), it totally blew my mind.

Because it was my birthday and I'd only just arrived in Geoje a couple of days earlier, my boss' and their family decided to take me for a meal, at a restaurant called Blackgold in the town of Okpo. Now because parking space is quiet limited at times in Okpo, my boss had to park on a side street, so we all got out the car and had a lovely meal at Blackgold, I think it probably was one of the favourite place's to go and eat (there were a quiet a few places we liked a lot). After the meal we got back to the car, where I got the culture shock of a lifetime. Turns out my boss had left his key's on the dashboard of his car, in case the other car needed to get out of the parking space as they'd been blocked in by my boss' car. Now it may not seem like much to you but for me it was a big deal as I'm from a small town in the English countryside. I've had two cars stolen ( old banger's) from a very quiet sleepy area in the past, so to be able to do that just completely threw me, even now as I'm typing I still feel the same shock.

A lot of you might be wondering why I've shared this really random story, on a beauty website, but I've shared it to highlight the issues of culture shock. Since returning from south Korea I've ended up with depression due to reverse culture shock, and it's affected me a lot over the last two years, I'm better than I was but it doesn't help living in the middle of nowhere with very bad transport links.

I'll be going into details in later posts about how it affected me when I came back, and hopefully if any of you spend a period of time abroad it'll help you with the culture shock of going and coming back.


A picture of me, shortly after this was taken, the sun set and loads of giant spider's literally came out the woodwork. I can safely say I didn't stay there for much longer!


Just an example of how big they were, these were what I walked past during the day, that's my hand for reference,


I'll be posting some more blogs soon


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