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10 Step Korean beauty routine

The Korean's are famous for having a 10 step beauty routine. But don't worry it's not as demanding as you may think. Not all the steps need to be done everyday by everyone, it all depends on your skin's condition and what your skin needs.

The first three steps are really to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. I would recommend doing two of the steps most days depending upon how exposed your skin is too potential pore clogger's, such as make-up, and environmental factors (if you work in a greasy place, the grease unfortunately sticks) etc. the third step is a deeper exfoliation once or twice a week, again depending on if your skin needs it.

The next seven steps are all about feeding (as I like to call it) and protecting your skin. Now then I know I'm stating the obvious, but the first three steps will not just have removed the dirt and grime that's built up, but they'll have also removed your natural oil's that help keep your skin healthy and unless you replace them, your skin will try to do it naturally causing more oil to be produced, potentially causing oilier skin and thus potential for more spots.

What I also mean by feeding and protecting your skin, is giving it the nutrients it needs such as collagen, hyloronic acid, and things such as aloe to sooth it, but a big one is sunscreen/sun cream (depends on where your from what you want to call it). I say sun cream is a big one because our skin is exposed to the sun more than we realize, which contributes to aging our skin and worst case possible skin cancer's as well as many other problem's. Even dermatologist's recommend using sun cream everyday.

The 10 steps are listed below with a bit more information about each one, which hopefully will help you make a better decision of what steps are best for you. Don't forget the step's can be split between morning and evening so surprisingly it's very easy to get 10 steps in a day.


An oil based cleanser - these help melt make-up off, but if you don't wear make-up often, you don't need it as an everyday step, or if you do I doubt you wear make-up whilst your asleep, so this one can easily fit as a part of your evening routine.


A water based or foam cleanser - this is pretty much what you use to wash your face with on a regular basis, it helps get rid of any left over make-up etc from the first step or any daily grime build up if you don't do the first step.


Exfoliate - this step is recommend to be used between 1 and 3 times a week depending on how quickly dead cells build up, I'd also make sure the exfoliate you use is not too strong for your skin.

My favorites are gommage one's as they just eat your dead cell's and are easy to use (usually you just put them straight on the skin and rub gently in circles, and within a couple of seconds the dead skin comes away. It's pretty gross but cool at the same time).


Toner - this removes anything left over from cleansing, but also helps make you feel fresher. You can get some with various ingredients for different effects.


Essence - essences help put back what's been removed with the cleansing process, these I would say are an essential as giving your skin the good stuff you've taken away back can only have a good effect right? Again though make sure you choose one that's best for your skin and contains the required moisture you need if you don't want to use any other products on your skin.


Serums and ampoules - these can have many different effect's such as brightening etc. So these I would say are wholly up to you which you choose. You could use some for when your traveling, before a big meeting, or before a big night out, it all depends on what you want and need from it.


Masks - these can be done as many times as you want in a week,(some companies, do a different one for each day) for best results though try to use them twice a week or more, I say twice a week because the effect's will be more evident the more they're used.


Eye Creams - these are really good to use if you want to keep eye bags at bay, they're specially created for this area as normal moisturizing creams can be too heavy for this area. Do be careful not to get them in your eye's as they still sting and hurt really bad (I've not experienced this at all).


Moisturizers - These are important all year round, but the strength or type you need will change with the seasons as your skin will naturally adapt to the change's in the season's. In the colder season's you might need a stronger moisturizer as your skin dries out easier, and a lighter one in summer because your skin naturally produces more oils. Again this all depends on how your skin is and what it needs and when it needs it.


Sun Cream or a Night Cream - You all know why sun cream is an important step, and it doesn't have to be a really high factor, as a lot of BB creams, CC cream, foundations have an added SPF factor the only thing is check how high it is and which rays it protects you from and then find a sun cream that adds to that protection. Night creams are a good step to have as well, these can be used as a deeper or longer treatment, but again choose one that is suitable for what you need.

Now then just a word of caution, when your choosing the products you want to use, make sure that they won't react badly with each other. The reason I say this is because they all have different ingredient's and some ingredient's don't play nice with each other and can cause side effects such as your skin looking redder than normal or worse (I'll do a blog post in more detail later). Companies have realized this and that's why you can get full sets of a range of product's as gifts etc as your less likely to have this problem.

As a last note

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it's been useful for you and my joke's haven't made you cringe too much. Let us know what you think and get in touch if there's anything you'd like us to do a post about.

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